For better or worse, Jio has already changed telecom market in India

No one can say for certainty that a change is going to be good or bad. It can go either ways. And the same is true for the change that Reliance has brought to the telecom market in India and Indian phones users with its Jio 4G service. The lowering of tariff may lead to more chaos in the market, and possibly poor service for consumers. Or maybe it will spur the who industry forward by making consumers happy, who will then consume more data and hence pay more. Right now it is not clear. But what is clear is that the change is definitely here.


For now the change looks to be good, at least from the perceptive of consumers. Broadly there are two big changes Jio has brought to the market.

The bills become simpler

This is another big change Jio has brought. Before Jio came into the picture, telecom operators in India were charging consumers using a myriad of ways. Some users were paying 50 paisa per minute for calls. Some were paying 30 paisa. Some users were charged for messages. Some got them free. Then there were roaming charges, STD charges, local charges and etc. Jio’s plan is simple. Just charge consumers some amount of money and then bundle everything in it.

For the last few months, we have seen that other telecom companies too have largely moved to the similar plan. Airtel’s new Infinity Plans are a clear example of this. These plans are basically data plans with everything else attached to it being free. There are no roaming charges in these plans. Calls are free. 100 messages a day are free. And then there is some set amount of data that consumers get. It’s that simple.


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