With Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani aims to change the way India uses data

Hundred million users in 170 days is just the beginning for Reliance Jio, promoted by India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, as it promises to offer more, cutting into rivals’ space and changing the way India uses data.

On Tuesday, Ambani proudly announced that India is the number one country in data usage. Jio users alone consume 33 million GB of data every day, he said. That’s more than the entire data consumption of the US, and 50% more than that of China.

But the battle that Reliance Jio is waging is far bigger than just taking on rival telcos.


The Jio eco-system consists of apps for payments (through JioMoney), movies and other video content, instant messaging, news, games, shopping, and even booking an Uber ride. Through its mobile wallet—Jio also has a payments bank licence—it will soon add lakhs of merchants on its network and will offer financial services.

Before March 31, users can also take the Prime membership for a full year at Rs 99.


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