Don’t sledge Virat Kohli: Michael Hussey warns Australia

Smith suggested in an interview in December that his team would want Kohli a little angry. The young Aussie captain felt distracting his India counterpart would be advantageous for him.

However, Hussey, who has been involved in some fabled India-Australia battles, said firing Kohli up would be a wrong idea. Mr Cricket, as Hussey is fondly known for his astute cricket brain, may have hit the nail on the head again.Back in 2014-15, Australia had tried to sledge Kohli which is in line with their tactics of unsettling the best batsman in the opposing team. But that backfired on the hosts as Kohli went on to slam his then Test best of 169 in the Boxing Day match.

Kohli, who was the centre of Australia’s verbal assault two years back, amassed 639 runs including four hundreds from four Tests that series. The 28-year-old, who has since tempered down significantly, clobbered 655 runs against England including a career-best 235 in Mumbai


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