President Pranab congratulates DRDO for successful test firing of Agni-II

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee tonight congratulated DRDO on the successful test-firing of medium-range nuclear-capable Agni-II missile.

“I extend my heartiest congratulations to all those associated with the successful test-firing of ‘Agni-II’ Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM). “I hope this achievement will inspire our scientists and all Armed Forces and defence personnel to make even greater efforts to boost India’s indigenous defence capabilities in technologically challenging areas,” the President said in a message addressed to Avinash Chander, Scientific Advisor to Defence Ministry and Secretary, Department of Defence Research and Development.
Mukherjee said the nation was proud of this achievement made by the DRDO and looks upon the organisation to take India into the ranks of the leading nations of the world in the field of defence programme.

India today successfully test-fired Agni-II missile with a strike range of more than 2000 km from the Wheeler Island off Odisha coast as part of a user trial by the Army. The 20-metre long Agni-II missile, part of the Agni series of missiles developed by DRDO, is a two-stage, solid-propelled ballistic missile.



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